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Why Buy Canadian?

To most this is simple but I will explain anyways. Sometimes you have to read it or say it or see it before you can truly understand.

By buying Canadian you help to support manufacturing jobs in Canada. These jobs are filled by people who will pay taxes, spend money buying other goods and or services that keeps a healthy Canadian economy, nationally, provincially and locally.

This means more money for all those things we hold dear like Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Environmental Issues, just to name a few. Not to mention Charities big and small – there would be more to go around for them as well.

As more people buy more Canadian made products the demand goes up which creates more jobs. As the demand for Canadian made products increases other people or companies see that it would be viable to build new companies that manufacture different products. This again creates more jobs for more Canadians.

When we buy Canadian we know that the manufacturing industry has regulations regarding Health and Safety Standards, Environmental Emissions, & Quality.

Buying Canadian reduces our carbon footprint. Less transportation plays a big part in making this the greener choice. This became even clearer to me when I read articles regarding how the shipping industry alone ranks as high as some of the worst countries for contributing to global CO2 emissions. How one container ship can emit the same cancer and asthma causing pollutants as 50 million cars. It only takes 15 of these ships to equal the same amount of pollution as all the 760 million cars that are in the world.

Making buying Made in Canada a priority is one of the most simplest ways to make a positive contribution to, not only the world, but to other Canadian families who run these small businesses who may be struggling. It is the domino effect that becomes so much bigger than you alone.

I know we can’t buy everything Canadian Made but we can make it our first choice.

As I write this I am trying to decide what my second choice would be; A Canadian company but made elsewhere or North American Made? My last would be, obviously, owned and manufactured in Asia. Keeping in mind that there are many Canadian owned companies that make sure that they deal with fair and sustainable manufacturers whose quality is spot on, what would your second choice be?

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Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA)

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