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Scratch & dent Basecamp Cards are still available for a really good price!  Remember that all proceeds of these are going to the Canadian Red Cross and their efforts to help Ukraine!

You can now order Alto Phone Covers for any phone.

New T-shirt designs are in!

On their way - Puffin Gear Hats

Artwork & vinyl stickers from one of my favourite artists - Kristin Fardy

Cushions are coming & some table runners

Eco produce bags

Eco food storage covers 

Eco shopping totes & bags

It's summer again so look for us at some local Markets -

Keady Ontario Market on Tuesdays

Kearney Regatta 2023 on Saturday August 5 2023

Hanover Harvest Market on September 23 2023

Hanover Christmas Market on December 2 2023

We hope to be back at the St Jacob's Farmer's Market as well on some Saturdays

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Let us know if you are looking for something in particular (Made in Canada, of course, silly!) that Eh-2-Zed doesn't currently offer and we will help you find out if the item/product is Made anywhere in Canada and where to buy it. Just send us a quick email at supeh2zed@gmail.com

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trans Canada hwy trees and mountains

Fun Facts

     The Trans-Canada Highway is the longest highway in the world stretching from St. John's NFLD to Victoria BC which is 7,714km.  In total, because of alternative highways like scenic routes or the TCH through PEI, there is close to 13,000 km of road to the Trans-Canada Highway.

     There are qualifying factors that must be attained in order to bee part of the TCH-

  • The paved part must be at least 6.7m wide.
  • It has to have unpaved shoulders of at least 3.3m on each side.
  • Hills can not exceed 6 degrees of slope.
  • Drivers must always be able to see at least 183m down the road ahead.

     In 1942 it became possible to drive completely across the country.  R.A. Macfarlane & Kenneth MacGillivray were the first to do this in 1946.

     It wasn't until 1972 that the TCH was actually finished to the specified qualifications.

Source:Canadian Encyclopedia

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