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It all started at a very young age when I started to realize that none of my presents from Santa were made at the North Pole.....I was not impressed (actually I was really mad!) at this fact.  I think I even started then to search out where things were made while shopping with my parents. I still do it to this day, and maybe you do too. You know the flip of a trinket, the turn of a tag or maybe looking under the glass up at an item you can't pick up.

So maybe you do this and maybe you don't but it definitely has been my thing. It's not enough just to know where something is made but I am searching for MADE IN CANADA. I am really disappointed if I find something I like only to discover it was made somewhere else. At the same time when I find something I like and it is MADE IN CANADA I am almost ecstatic! It is almost like winning the lottery! (not that I know what that is like....) This is when I have to find who I am shopping with and show them the treasure I found. 

That is exactly what it is like - treasure- because it seems like it is so hard to find amongst all the products we encounter while shopping! Actually it is hard to find. That is one reason why I wanted to open my store EH-2-ZED and write a blog on the topic. To make it easier and less of a hasel finding Canadian Made goods and to showcase the many fabulous things we produce in Canada.

Another reason was that I grew up in a family with proud, hard working, blue collar parents, who took pride in the work they did no matter what that work looked like. For me, this is a way to honour them.  I think in general we are all hard working and we strive to do a better than good job. It shows in the quality of the products we do produce.

The next reason is that of the environment. If you are a Canadian you care about the environment. We live in this young vast country where nature is abundant around us. The symbol on our National flag is a maple LEAF. What is a better way, other than going completely off grid, to reduce your environmental footprint than BUYing LOCAL. Local means your neighbourhood, town, county, province, country and all the places in-between these.

Some would say we can't make everything because it is too expensive. What if we spent our money more carefully? Would we be able to afford at least some of those things that are MADE IN CANADA.  What if we placed more value on those things we had and what if they lasted longer?   I believe it is a win - win for us and the environment.

What's in your house that is made by a Canadian? Let me know I'm curious.


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