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A Little History

     Hi, I'm Jan and if you are reading this, more likely than not you love Canada as much as I do. The amazing people and the abundance of beautiful natural spaces are just my top two reasons. 
    I live in the wonderful town of Harriston Ontario. Here, like most of Canada, the people are friendly, helpful and caring. My husband, two children and I moved here from Kitchener, Ontario to be closer to our parents and so that we could afford a larger house for our growing family. To move here I quit my job working at a factory making over $30/hr. At the time I was pregnant with my third child. It was tough adapting to such a huge drop in income but I wanted to raise my own kids. Two years later my supportive husband and I had our fourth and final baby and by that time I was happily caring for other people's children in my home as well.
   Unlike a lot of people I know, I have no real desire to travel outside of Canada. My husband and I got engaged in Manitoba, honeymooned in Alberta and British Columbia, we took our 4 kids in an 80’s RV to the East Coast, few years later took them in another RV to Alberta, and then celebrated our 20th Anniversary in Newfoundland. As a family we love camping, the outdoors and we have three dogs.
RV camping along river in Quebec
    I grew up in an average to sometimes below average income family.  My parents were hard workers but sometimes circumstances that were out of their control made times difficult.  No matter what job they did have they worked hard and were proud of a job well done.
    They were also very scrupulous at keeping the magic of Christmas alive.  Sometimes making our gifts themselves (this might have been due to not having enough money).  As most kids do I started to question where my toys were made and soon realized (probably because I could read!) that my toys were not made at the North Pole. That  began my quest for products Made in Canada.  This became my thing even at a young age.  As more and more products were being made elsewhere it became, and still is, like a treasure hunt for me.  It makes me happy and I get excited when I find quality products that are Made in Canada.
   Eh-2-Zed Proud
   So for years now I have had this idea of building a store where every single thing in it is Made in Canada. Where you will be able to find something for every room in your home and every aspect of your life.  I have always wanted this store to honour my parents and every other hard working blue collared Canadian.
    In May of 2020 when I found myself not working due to Covid 19, I started to really put the effort into my dream.  EH-2-ZED was finally created after years of dreaming but too scared to take the leap. 
    I want EH-2-ZED to bring a true sense of pride to customers. The purpose being to showcase what Canada has to offer for your home, cottage and life.  No hassle searching for the “Canadian Made” tag because it has already been done for you. No worries about being duped into thinking you are buying something authentic. I want buying Canadian to be made easier.
     I am so happy and proud to have the support of my husband Dean and our 4 kids (you can see them on our home page) who are here with me on this journey. I couldn't do it without their help. 
      We will always be looking for new products to add to the EH-2-ZED family and together, with your help, we will keep more Canadians working to achieve their dreams.
Thank-you very much for taking the time to check us out

 Jan Campbell  & family xo